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ACME.LU is a ec.je jam, and a rather good one at that I must say.

Here are a few other sites that are made with distain in Paris


My Micro.Blog, Mastodon, and Twatter account (@mmn) feed.


My collection of things, a precurser to acme.lu, inspired by the half work I did on ec.je


The blog I've been running since 2000, originally on the old LiveJournal


Literally no idea what this is yet.

thepalace.fr / thepalace.network

A BBS + a Palace Server

This is my gopher site, it only works on Gopher. #Port70

contact details
As you've probably seen there is a huge amount of contact details on this site, it's pretty funny (take that spam bots) that goes to one big mailbox I check basically never. If you want to email me, I suggest you decrypt this email address kevin .at. mmn.on.ca. Highly recommend using PGP to encrypt your message too.

ACME Switchboard 24/7 - +44 (0)28 9244 8977

Made with distain 🖕 in Paris